Bluestar Sports continues it’s rise to the top of the youth sports world. Today, the Frisco based startup announced the acquisition of Krossover Intelligence.

Krossover Intelligence is the leader in film breakdown and statistics. Launched in 2010, Krossover builds video and data management tools for sports teams at all levels of play.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to join the Blue Star Sports family and accelerate Krossover’s growth in the greater sport community. We’ll now be able to provide our current and future customers a wide variety of technology solutions for their teams, all directly complementing the products Krossover already provides,” said Founder and CEO Vasu Kulkarni.

With it’s recent acquisitions of Primetime Sports, CaptainU and Bigfoot Hoops, Bluestar has created a powerful blend of basketball event producers and technology providers.

“The addition of Vasu to Blue Star Sports bolsters what was already the strongest lineup of leaders in the sports technology space,” said Rob Wechsler, the Founder and CEO of Blue Star Sports. “Krossover adds yet another powerful layer to the portfolio. Blue Star Sports is with you from your very first rec league all the way to the high school, collegiate and professional ranks. Our technology is used by tens of millions of people, all over planet. The depth and breadth of the product we now offer is unrivaled by anyone in the industry.”

About Blue Star Sports

With over 25 million users in 23 countries, Blue Star Sports is the industry leader in youth sports management providing a complete innovative technology platform for national governing bodies, youth sports leagues, clubs and associations. Companies under the Blue Star Sports platform include Bonzi, Pointstreak, Goalline, PrimeTime Sports, SDI Camps, League Lineup, RaceWire, CaptainU, BigFoot Hoops and GroupNet Solutions. Blue Star Sports is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. To learn more about how Blue Star Sports will revolutionize youth sports management, visit

About Krossover

Krossover, a New York City-based startup, provides sophisticated data analytics technology to the sports world. With an intuitive online platform easily accessible by thousands of high school and college programs, Krossover enables coaches to use video to improve the success of their athletic programs by eliminating the time and financial impediments to managing their filmed content. With an estimated 95% of high school and college athletic programs now recording game video, Krossover is accelerating the use of indexed, on-demand video content and advanced analytics by programs of all sizes. For more information, visit or follow @Krossovr on Twitter.